Photo Organizing and Visual Management

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Visual management – this may be a new photo organizing term to you but it won’t be for long. Think about the areas in our lives that require outside guidance, organization, and management: wealth, business, health, etc. Your personal photo/video archive is no exception. Globally, 1.2 trillion digital photos will be taken in the coming year. Compare the technology available today to that of 10 years ago. Back then we weren’t strapping GoPros to our helmets or surfboards to record our outdoor adventures. The “selfie” was in its infancy. Apple launched their first smartphone with a camera just a decade ago; the increase in visual data has been growing exponentially. A good example is my Photos library, and I bet yours, too. In mine, 2006 contains 3 months with a handful of photos in each. Jump to 2016 – that folder contains 12 albums, one for each month of the year, each with a much larger number of photos. The number of photos taken will continue to accelerate as the ease and accessibility of mobile and action cameras improves with evolving technology. Add all this to the existing boxes and albums of print photos in your collection prior to the transition to digital photography. Now, can you just as easily locate a specific photo from 12 years ago as one you took last month?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your photos that were shot on different devices, regardless of how far back they go, in one collection, easily accessible and keyword searchable? Well you can! A professional photo organizer, like myself, will scan old print photos, gather all your digital photos from all your devices (old cameras, computers, external hard drives, tablets, smartphones, cloud backups, etc.) and organize them into one central hub. From there you will be able to sync to your devices. Imagine, all the important photos in your life right there in the palm of your hand.

And if you are stuck on what to give for the holidays, consider the gift of visual management through an organized photo collection.

Your photos tell the story of your life, but only if you can find them.