The Enduring Value of Digitizing Love Letters

old letters tied together with twine on white background

The enduring value of digitizing love letters became apparent to us last year. My husband Chris inherited a small box of documents after his mother passed away.

In the family archives, there were hundreds of photos, slides and dozens of albums, and a small document box. We opened it to find love letters from Chris’s father to his mother, dating from the 1950s.

This was shortly before they married and started a family. Chris had no idea this box existed! Digitizing the letters became part of our preservation plan. 

It’s a remarkable testament to their love, despite the odds. These letters were carefully preserved for nearly 70 years. What a treasure! But why keep them to ourselves? The value of digitizing the letters is the right thing to do, so we can share with the rest of the family.

Delving into the past through these letters offered us a unique perspective. By reading them, we saw in writing his parent’s dreams for themselves and each other.  Especially love that laid the foundation for their family.

These letters are such a tribute to their long relationship and marriage. They track the evolution of his parent’s courtship. The ups and downs, their thoughts and fears. Their wishes and achievements.  

Here’s four reasons why the value of digitizing the letters and preserving was important for us.

1️⃣ Preservation of memories: Old letters are a tangible link to a family’s history, preserving moments, emotions, and the essence of bygone eras. Digitizing letters like these ensures their memories remain vivid and accessible for generations to come (while preserving the originals in archival boxes in a cool, dry place).

2️⃣ Connection across generations: Sharing digitized letters fosters a deeper understanding among family members, transcending time and providing a shared narrative. It connects us with our roots and fosters a sense of continuity across generations.

3️⃣ Documenting personal growth: Witnessing the evolution of thoughts and feelings over time, especially in a romantic relationship, is a powerful testament to personal growth. It offers insights into the shared experiences that shape a family’s story.

4️⃣ Enhanced accessibility: Digitizing means transcending the constraints of physical storage and geographical limitations. Sharing your digitized letters with loved ones across the country (or world) fosters a collaborative effort in preserving and celebrating our collective heritage.

Whether it’s love letters, postcards, or other handwritten treasures, digitization ensures that these stories endure, becoming a living legacy for the generations that follow.

And preserving these treasures in a custom heirloom photo book will ensure that you cherish them for years to come!

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