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 This story was published – coincidentally – at the start of the pandemic. The timing was fortuitous as so many families found themselves at home with a lot of time on their hands. The lockdown period helped renew interest in family photos, especially managing, organizing and preserving them. The article was a great opportunity for me to share my tips and thoughts on the importance of photo organizing, and I hope it inspired people to get motivated to work on their own photo collections, or hire help if needed.

Who Am I Now?

Kate Varness, author and a professional home organizer, reached out to me to collaborate on a section devoted to photo organizing. I was happy to share some of my insights and strategies with her and her audience.


Photo Organizing Made Easy

Cathi Nelson, the founder of The Photo Managers, interviewed me for a deeply personal account about the importance of family photos in my life, and how they connected me to the father I barely knew.



Writer and world traveler Susanna Perkins spoke with us about how and why to downsize your photo collection when moving and why you should do so anyway, even if you are staying put!

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