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View of the underground Bettmann Archive with white walls and a sign that says underground art

Preserving Memories in a Photographic Archive

This post is about The Bettmann Archive, the world-famous photographic archive where I worked for 18 years. My time there (and later when it became Corbis Images) inspired

hi res and low res images side by side of buoys hanging in a blue wall

Hi Res vs Low Res: Why You Should Care

Perhaps you have heard the terms “hi res” and “low res” when talking about digital photos. But what exactly does hi res and low res

back pf print photos with handwriting

What Is Metadata and How Does It Work?

What is “metadata”? Perhaps you’ve heard the term used but were unsure of its meaning. The definition: it’s “data about data”. In photo organizing, it

Image of fireplace mantle with photos to illustrate preservation of images

New Years Resolutions 2022

I was honored to be asked to contribute to Redfin’s excellent blog again this year. For some great tips to help you stay more focused

Four pairs of flip flops in a row on beach

6 Tips for Taking Summer Photos

It’s been over a year since many of us could travel and take summer photos (remember vacations?) This season promises to rectify that, so here

Smartphone Photography

Smartphone Photography: 3 Essential Tips

3 Essential Tips for Smartphone Photography: We all rely on smartphone photography to document much of our daily lives. It’s an incredible tool to have

Apple Live Photo, Photo Organizing, Digital Photo Organizing

What to do with Apple Live Photos   

If you use an iPhone, you are familiar with the Apple Live Photos option. It could be you’ve used it and taken Live Photos that

Save Your Photos

September Is Save Your Photos Month

I was recently reminded of something author Gretchen Rubin said about this time of year: “September is the other January. Do you feel as though the