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Preserve Your Family Legacy

If you’re drowning in photos and know that you should organize, sort and preserve those precious family memories (but don’t have the time), Past Present Pix is your savior.


Is your photo mess causing you stress?
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How we can help you


Gather Photos and Media

Your photos and videos don’t have to be scattered and disorganized. We can bring everything together, organized into one central, searchable hub.


Sorted and Preserved

Your print media will be organized and saved in archival, acid-free, photo-safe enclosures. Old film will be converted and viewable. Your digital images will be safely and securely backed up and accessible.



Your newly organized photo collection can be shared in a variety of ways. Custom photo books, gallery walls, family websites and video timelines are a few options.

Meet Marci, your photo caretaker

I’ve always wanted to archive and curate photos, so I’m lucky I’ve been doing that for a couple of decades. After years spent at renowned organizations like the Bettmann Archive (acquired by Corbis, the creative photo agency founded by Bill Gates), I had the privilege of working with a collection of 18 million+ images of vast cultural and historical significance. I also got to participate in the rise of photo digitization, making this rich visual legacy available for the world to see, share and enjoy.

But like many, I felt called to strike out on my own. Now I help busy families organize their photo collections. My clients often say they are thrilled to have found someone who actually specializes in photo management. I’ve been called the answer to their prayers and a lifesaver. Not only do I get to help clients restore their cherished memories, I also create cohesive, thoughtfully curated media libraries. 

We’re NYC-based but can help clients anywhere.

Chris George,
Digital Specialist

As a professional videographer and photographer, as well as in my previous role as the Art Production Director at Vanity Fair, I understand the importance of keeping media meticulously organized, archived, and safely backed up. Utilizing state-of-the-art software, I used best practices for creating easy to identify folder structures, while applying metadata that allows for the quick location of specific files anytime. These same principles carry over into my work with Past Present Pix, where I take great interest in the preservation of personal photo and video collections while ensuring they are securely backed up and easily shareable for generations to come.

About our team
& business

We’re two long-time photo industry professionals — who’ve been making our own memories together for over 30 years — and we love helping others with their comprehensive photo management. And since we’re a family, we understand how to help yours rest assured that your valuable memories are always at your fingertips and, most importantly, safely backed up.

When we work with your photos

I’m a certified professional member of The Photo Managers (TPM), the international leader in photo organizing and management. I adhere to TPM’s Code of Conduct and Ethics. I’m also a lifelong learner and take part in professional development courses at regular intervals to best serve my clients. I have 20+ years of experience in the photo industry and follow our industry standard best practices to ensure your precious photo memories are safe for generations. My goal is to be a trusted partner in preserving your family legacy.

We share progress reports at regular intervals via your preferred contact method. We can do the work remotely, as well as meeting you at your home or a specified location. Most projects take a few weeks to a few months, depending on what you need done. We will always get your approval before moving on to the next stage of work.

Your privacy, trust and peace of mind are of the utmost importance to me and essential to my business. Other than the vetted partners, we at Past Present Pix are the only ones who will be working with your images.

Your Photos Again

The organized photo collection you’ve always wanted!


Marci’s love of art and photography shines through everything she does. She listens, is enthusiastic and resourceful and makes technology unintimidating so you can actually enjoy your photos again. I would recommend Marci to any of my friends or clients who need to organize their personal collections as well as to photography professionals who need a skilled collaborator – in fact, I already have!

Pam P.

New York, NY

With my parents’ 40th anniversary coming up, I wanted to do something special for them using pictures from the piles of old albums sitting in their basement. Marci was able to bring these old photos back to life, scanning the old prints into beautiful, hi-res digital images, and helping me organize those images into a new photo book with highlights from each of the 40 years of my parents’ marriage. Mom and Dad were blown away by the end result!

Nate E.

New York, NY

Marci put my old family photos in protective plastic folders to better preserve them. She also scanned another set of old photos with superior quality for me to share electronically with my family. Not only did she preserve and save my photos but she took a genuine interest in them. That is what makes her a professional, and one that I highly recommend.

Sue M.

Hamden, CT

Popular Services

Digital photo organizing and backup

We gather your digital images from all your devices – phones, laptops, external hard drives, camera cards etc and create a cohesive, searchable library.

Print photo organizing

We sort your print photos, extracting duplicates and blurry/redundant photos, and organize the collection into a cohesive timeline. Your fragile original prints, slides, negatives, and vintage albums can be stored in photo safe, archival acid free boxes, keeping them accessible and well preserved for the future.

Scanning and Digitizing

Print photos, slides, negatives, and albums will deteriorate over time if not properly cared for. Creating digital copies is an excellent way to preserve them. We provide high resolution scans which can then be organized and integrated into your existing digital collection. Your old print photos will be back in your life and easy to share with family and friends.

Custom Photo Books

Photo books are a wonderful, tactile way to commemorate birthdays, travels, weddings, holidays, the early months/years of a child’s life. We design photo books and work with state-of-the-art vendors to assure your memories shine. Photo books allow you to transform your images into a format everyone can enjoy for generations to come.

Video Services

Want to enjoy your old home movies? Converting old media (VHS tapes, super 8 films, etc.) to digital is the answer. The new files can be added to your existing digital video collection. We also offer custom video editing to create highlight reels using your favorite videos.

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Enjoy your photos again

Photo books/albums, family websites, slideshows, and legacy videos are just  a few of the sharable options available  to create with your newly organized collection.