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Duplicate vintage b+w images of a young man in marching band uniform

How to De-Duplicate your photos the Simple Way

Ever wonder about how to de-duplicate your photos? Chances are, your photo collection contains numerous duplicates. These duplicates take up a significant amount of space,

Get Back To Your Photos

Get Back to Your Photos in 3 Easy Ways

Have you seen Peter Jackson’s masterful documentary “The Beatles: Get Back”? The most remarkable aspect of the film was that Jackson used footage hidden for

Favorite Photos

What to do with Your Favorite Photos

Are you wondering what to do with your favorite photos? They don’t have to sit on your phone, viewable only on a small screen. I

Old print photos and photo albums

How to Save Your Print Family Photos

Here’s a quick look at how a print-to-digital family photos organizing job is handled. (our client, Marie, has permitted us to share her family photos

Legacy photo albums

Creating Your Legacy Photo Collection

A legacy photo collection is a little different from the photos you have of family vacations, weddings, birthdays, and everyday life. But before getting into