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black and white photo of black spots of mold. Protect your photos from mold.

Protecting Your Photos from Mold

Protecting your Photos from Mold Fall is here and with it –  hurricane season.  This newsletter’s topic is all about protecting your photos from the

35mm camera and old b+w photos on wooden table

Curating Family Photos: 4 Tips

As a photo manager, I understand how valuable your cherished memories are. I’m here to help you navigate the journey of curating your family photo

3 old photo albums on a white background

Sharing Family Photo Stories: 3 Tips

Have you inherited old family photo albums? Then you know their magic! Albums can instantly transport you to a different era. Do they make you

View of the underground Bettmann Archive with white walls and a sign that says underground art

Preserving Memories in a Photographic Archive

This post is about The Bettmann Archive, the world-famous photographic archive where I worked for 18 years. My time there (and later when it became Corbis Images) inspired

Before and After example of silvering in a b+w photo. 2 profile views of of a woman c. 1930s.

Silvering Photos: What to Do

If you have printed photos in your family collection, it’s important to pay attention to their condition because over time, they can suffer from various

Young girls in the 1970s standing on a steps outdoors

Bad Photos: Some Can be Keepers

I was chatting with a client recently who mentioned that her family photos weren’t “very good”. She was comparing 50+ years of family snapshots to

a golden number 6 surrounded by balloons and gifts

Past Present Pix turns 6!

Past Present Pix launched 6 years ago this week! My goal then – as it remains today  – is to help busy families manage, organize,