Three Ways to Enjoy Your Photos

3 rows of scenic photos on a wall in black frames

Our smartphones have come a long way since 2010. The physical sizes have changed, as has the amount of memory. The variety and number of apps has grown exponentially. But the vastly improved camera function wins the most improved category for most of us. The latest iteration of iPhones, for example, offers night mode, wide-angle, and portrait mode. So many new choices for taking photos and upping your photography game like a pro! But one thing remains – storing thousands of images on your photo roll and sharing them on a small screen isn’t ideal. Here are three ways to enjoy your photos:

Having your digital photos printed is a great option. Consider creating a gallery wall in your home to showcase your best and most beloved images. Metal prints, stand-outs, simple or ornate wood frames, photo cubes…so many possibilities.

Family websites are a great way to share as well. Uploading your photos, inviting friends and family to share, and comment. There are many options to choose from; some even offer options to print your photos.

Videos are more popular than ever. A great way to utilize photos from your phone is to incorporate them into a yearly video timeline, where they can add an extra dimension to your story. From a short, slice-of-life video to a more involved Legacy or Keepsake video, photos can serve an important purpose here.

So now that you know three ways to enjoy your photos, get those photos off your camera roll and into your life!