September is Save Your Photos Month

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The hurricane season of 2017 has gotten off to a devastating start. Harvey has destroyed much of Houston and the surrounding areas. For many New Yorkers, myself included, the coverage of this particular storm evokes unpleasant memories of the devastation wrought by Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

While the survivors assess the damage to their lives and homes, one of the things that are irreplaceable are the printed family photos that may have been lost or severely damaged. Having survived two house fires myself, as well as witnessing Sandy, I deeply empathize with those affected. To this day, I still long for the lost photos of my grandparents, specifically my grandmother’s school class photo and a portrait of her as a young woman in beaded sleeveless dress with a 1920’s bob, as well as photos of myself, my mother, and my sisters as children (I have only a few in my collection and have digitized them for safekeeping).

Coincidentally, September is also Save Your Photos month, so now is good time to discuss how to save our photos, both as a preventative measure and after the fact, when disaster strikes.

For more information on how to save your waterlogged/damaged prints, memorabilia and books, read on here.

If you are in the New York City area and would like to learn more about photo organizing and saving your photos, please come to our #Save Your Photos event on Saturday, September 23. Additionally, Photoville will be in full swing in downtown Brooklyn, and the Photo Plus Expo will be happening at the Javtiz Center in October- both events are great for the amateur, professional and photography enthusiast. Hope to see you there!

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One of the few prints that survived a house fire that I recently digitized and backed up. Me and my mom at our home in Mountain Lakes, NJ on Christmas Day, 1965