Preserving Your Story in Video

Preserving Your Story in Video

Preserving your story in a video is growing in popularity and personal videos are a unique approach to saving and sharing your memories.

The legacy video is a great example. This style of video is filmed at your home using high-quality cameras, professional lighting, and audio equipment. These films are narrative in style, like a documentary, where the narrator(s) share words of wisdom, family history, and memories. You can include special photos and home movies for visual context along with B-roll and a music soundtrack to enhance and elevate the viewer’s experience.

Legacy videos are a meaningful way to document and share the stories of our loved ones. And the opportunity to film an elderly family member’s wit and wisdom is finite, so don’t let any more time pass. Consider preserving their valuable stories, expressions, laughter, and voices. It is the ultimate gift for present and future generations.

Below is a trailer we made for a legacy-style video, using excerpts from a longer interview/storytelling session. In the video, WWII veteran, Eugene Polinsky, reminisces about serving in the OSS. Eugene was a B-24 Navigator, who went on classified missions in Europe’s occupied territories. His heroic stories are an invaluable treasure, and this legacy video will continue to grow more valuable over the years. It is a remarkable time capsule for his descendants and for historians.


If you are considering preserving your story in a video, let’s talk! We expect to resume filming in mid 2021, while following all Covid safety protocalls.