It’s National Photo Month! Celebrate Photography

National Photo Month

Did you know that since 1987 the month of May has been designated as National Photo Month? I wasn’t aware until I became a personal photo organizer. As a certified member of APPO (Association of Personal Photo Organizers). I knew that September is designated as Save Your Photos month. But the focus of National Photo Month is more general and it’s a great time to celebrate the art of photography in myriad ways. Below are five suggestions to get you inspired…but remember to enjoy your photos all year long!

  • Visit a museum or gallery. I live in NYC and am lucky to have access to some world-class organizations such as the International Center of Photography, Apature Gallery, and The Metropolitain Museum of Art to name a few. Shows across the country can be found here — take advantage of what your town or city offers and explore!
  • Get analog with your favorite digital images by creating a photobook or printing out your top photos to share via a gallery wall, framed prints for your desk or as holiday cards. Some of my favorite sources for inexpensive, good quality photobooks are Artifact Uprising, Zno, and Mix Book. All three companies offer mini photobooks, which make great gifts for any occasion.
  • Support local photographers, printers, framers and other photo-related businesses in your town or city. Most are small business owners that truly appreciate your patronage.
  • Take a class to expand your knowledge of photography and the technology that goes with it. Apple offers loads of excellent free classes – check out Today at Apple to see what’s happening near you. You don’t need an iPhone to attend, either. There are plenty of online classes as well. See if your favorite artist or photographer gives any. Or check out local schools, photo supply stores or universities for adult education classes. Knowledge of photo techniques, technology, and mastering the basics of photography will improve your artistic vision and photographs.
  • Photo organize! You can start by scanning your print photos, but remember you don’t have to scan every single one. It’s ok to pass on blurry, poor quality or redundant images. Don’t forget to organize your digital photos as well. Remember to edit as you go, make a favorites folder and back your photo collection up once a month. Want a great guide? Check out Photo Organizing Made Easy by Cathi Nelson. If you find the process overwhelming, consider hiring a professional personal photo organizer- we’re here to help! Find one near you by visiting APPO.