Keepsake and Legacy Videos: Filming Your Memories

Keepsake and Legacy Videos

Keepsake and Legacy videos are growing in popularity. And for good reason: they are a special way to record your memories. Today’s modern Keepsake and Legacy videos harken back to the era of Super 8 home movies, but with an important difference. They both include thoughtful, professional editing, professional audio, b-roll and stills. I’ll explain the differences between the two below.


Keepsake Videos

Most people are familiar with wedding videos. They are a type of a Keepsake video, but their focus is on a specific day’s event. Like a Wedding video, Keepsake videos can capture a specific event, but they can also depict the precious time a family spends together in a slice-of-life way. While we can film on scenic locations favored by the family (and often do for b-roll) we have found that the comfort of your own home is also an ideal setting. This is the place everyone is most relaxed, and your home serves as an important backdrop to your stories.

Think of a Keepsake video as a live-action chapter from a photo album. Imagine watching the play between a child and the family pet. Or a mother thoughtfully combing her child’s hair. Or siblings jostling for the first pancake, or the blowing-out of birthday candles…

Those sort wistful everyday moments will become less frequent as children grow. Now is the ideal time to capture those precious memories in a Keepsake video. And keep in mind, a Keepsake video is very different from individual video clips one might capture using their mobile device. They contain footage that is professionally lit and shot over quarter, half, or full day sessions. They are then thoughtfully edited together to create a day-in-the-life style time capsule.

Legacy Videos

Like Keepsake videos, Legacy videos are usually shot at the subject’s home. But these have a more narrative structure, much like a mini-documentary. The narrator (s) share words of wisdom or personal/family history and stories over a soundtrack. Personal photos and home movies can (and should) be added for visual context, as well as b-roll. Legacy videos tend to be longer in length than Keepsake videos.

Legacy videos are a meaningful way to share and record your loved ones. The opportunity to create a visual recording of an older adult’s wit and wisdom is finite. Don’t let the time pass without preserving their valuable stories, expressions, laughter and voices. It is the ultimate gift for future generations.