Do You Know Where all Your Digital Photos are?

Digital photo storage devices next to a screen shot of organized photos
Do you know where all your digital photos are?
Most people find that they live on many separate devices. That’s a headache!
Digital photos are different from print photos in one major way- you can take an infinite amount of them. And then not know where they all are. With print photos, locating them is usually as easy as opening an album.
Or, if you have inherited a parent’s collection, those images may still be in boxes somewhere in your home.
Physical images are easy to track down. But digital? A bit of a challenge.
Digital photos can live on physical items. External hard drives, laptops, tablets, phones, and camera cards are visible reminders.
But many photo collections are also stored online in the Cloud. And those can be easy to forget about if you can’t see them.
With digital photo organizing clients, the first thing we do is to gather all their devices.
And then we need access to their cloud accounts. It’s easy to lose track of all the places your digital photos can be – there are so many options.
Once we have all the images gathered, the duplicate extraction process begins. This narrows down your photo collection, making it easier to sort through.
Editing and keywording is an optional choice. But it will help you locate specific images quicker.
Once the process is complete, your collection will look much like the after photo above. Images are in folders in chronological order. Nice and neat and easy to navigate. The best part: the library lives on your hard drive. We recommend backing it up to the cloud and on an external hard drive or two as well.
Maintaining the new structure is easy too, with a few minutes set aside once a month or whatever works for you.
With your photos organized, the fun begins. Creating gallery walls, custom photo books, making photo gifts are a few ideas. Sharing images, creating family websites, and starting a family tree are a few others.
Your digital photo mess can become a source of joy once organized. Take the time and make the investment to do it right.