Got Scrapbooks? 3 Easy Ways to Care for Them

old fashioned green scrapbook on white seamless with gold lettering

Creating scrapbooks isn’t just a hobby; it’s a labor of love, an artistic outlet that lets your creativity shine, and a unique way to tell stories through beautiful visuals.

But let’s be honest, scrapbooks come with their fair share of dilemmas. They take up space, gather dust, and feature people who may no longer be part of our lives. Sometimes, they raise more questions than they answer. And worst of all, they can fall apart. How can we find solutions? Let’s dive in!

The Decay Dilemma: Over time, the glue and tape in scrapbooks can decay and, unfortunately, damage the precious items they were meant to hold in place. Things can fall out of place, making it confusing if it’s not your scrapbook.

Lost or Damaged: If you lose a scrapbook, it’s impossible to replace it because they are one-of-a-kind creations. You can’t just go online and order another copy.

The Ownership Tango: Scrapbooks are typically a one-person show. So, who gets to be the keeper of these cherished memories? You could consider sharing, but remember, it’s not about owning the physical book—it’s about the connection to the memories it holds.

Scrapbooks often focus more on visuals than stories, providing minimal descriptions. Inherit a scrapbook, and you might find that a lot of history remains a mystery. It’s like piecing together a puzzle with half the pieces missing.

So, what can you do to preserve beloved scrapbooks? Here’s 3 ideas:

1.  Have your scrapbook digitized. We can scan and upload the digital files to a photo book publisher and give them new life as a coffee-table book. We work with the same publishers professional photographers use, so we can get you the type of archival-quality book you can’t get yourself!

2. If you have a family website (if not, we can help!) uploading your digitized scrapbook pages is a great way to share with loved ones, some of whom may have more information regarding the photos and/or memorabilia.

3. Preserve your original scrapbook in archival enclosures. To guarantee proper storage, we work with Archival Methods and recommend their acid and lignin-free, photo-safe boxes.

Following these steps will help preserve your cherished scrapbooks for future generations to enjoy!