A Professional Photo Organizer Holiday Gift Guide

Professional Photo Organizer. Wooden rustic country background with red winter holiday presents.

As a professional photo organizer, I’ve noticed the opportunities for holiday photos have grown. As soon as Labor Day is over, it’s harvest time and pumpkin-spice everything. Halloween is now a month-long celebration instead of one night. Our neighborhood’s holiday street lights are already up. This expansion allows more time for picture taking, which can add to the inevitable photo overload many of us already feel. And then there’s the pressure of holiday shopping for the perfect gifts for everyone on your list.

Recent studies have shown that experiences and services surpass material goods when it comes to sparking joy. Author Tara Button, in her book, A Life Less Throwaway states:
“We get more happiness when we look forward to a nice experience, then having a nice material item. It’s also shown that spending money on services to give ourselves more free time promotes happiness”.
With that in mind, we can help. Our professional photo services cover a variety of photo organizing needs such as:
  • Scanning/digitizing prints, slides, negatives, and other types of old film formats
  • Converting old media to digital
  • Creating a centralized photo library hub (and a place for those newly-created holiday photos)
Another great gift idea for family and friends is to use those videos in your camera roll. Some options include:
  • A highlight video reel of the best moments spent together. This can be of a single year or span the course of several. A highlight video can also commemorate a special event.


  • Do you have a lot of burst mode photos? These can be converted into gifs or video files (your series of still photos will come alive before your eyes)! 
We also offer:


  • Personalized tutoring sessions if you are a DIY type.
So many choices! Converting old media to digital. Creating a photo book filled with personal and family memories. Learning useful photo organizing skills. Having a highlight reel of the past year for family movie night. These are the best kind of gifts – they keep on giving, and don’t take up much room (physical or virtual).
If you’re the bookish type and/ or want a great option for the DIYers on your list we recommend Cathi Nelson’s book Photo Organizing Made Easy. Perhaps with a professional photo organizer gift certificate tucked into it!
Contact us for info on gift certificates or our services. We’re here to help!