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5 Tips for Organizing Digital Photos

If you are like most people, you have digital photos. A lot of them. And you want them organized. What if you aren’t sold on

Save Your Photos

September Is Save Your Photos Month

I was recently reminded of something author Gretchen Rubin said about this time of year: “September is the other January. Do you feel as though the

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Photo Organizing: Cloud Backup

Our to-do lists always seem to expand exponentially with the approaching winter holidays and new year celebrations. This is a great time to make sure

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Photo Organizing and Visual Management

Visual management – this may be a new photo organizing term to you but it won’t be for long. Think about the areas in our lives

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Print Photo Preservation Tips

Preservation is a Crucial Step To An Organized Photo Collection Print photo preservation is often overlooked. While most of us shoot digital photos these days