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Digital Photos: 6 Organizing Tips

Have you assessed your digital photos lately? Does it need help? My guess is yes! Here are 6 steps you can take to get your

Pile of Photo Books

7 Tips for Making Photo Books

Making photo books is one of our favorite things to do – for ourselves and our clients. If you like to cook, you understand the

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How to Save Your Print Family Photos

Here’s a quick look at how a print-to-digital family photos organizing job is handled. (our client, Marie, has permitted us to share her family photos

Legacy photo albums

Creating Your Legacy Photo Collection

A legacy photo collection is a little different from the photos you have of family vacations, weddings, birthdays, and everyday life. But before getting into

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5 Tips for Organizing Digital Photos

If you are like most people, you have digital photos. A lot of them. And you want them organized. What if you aren’t sold on

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Tidying Up Your Photo Collection

By now you’ve heard about or watched Marie Kondo’s hit Netflix tv series, “Tidying Up.” I am pleased that the issue of physical and virtual