Video Services


Organizing & Editing

We organize separate videos into chronological order and can curate for a themed timeline. Slideshows/video montages can be created using both stills and video. Music can be added if desired. Want to enjoy your old home movies? Converting old media (VHS tapes, super 8 films, etc.) to digital is the answer. The new files can be added to your existing digital video collection. From there, video timelines/highlight reels can be created to celebrate anniversaries, vacations, birthdays, weddings, or just to relive your fave moments. How about family movie night featuring your very own videos? Another fun way to enjoy motion is to create gifs or short video pieces using still photos, as in this example made from a sequence of burst photos: 

Keepsake & Legacy Videos


Keepsake and Legacy videos are growing in popularity. And for good reason: they are a special way to record your memories. Keepsake videos can capture a specific event, but they can also depict the precious time a family spends together in a slice-of-life way. Legacy videos are a meaningful way to share and record your loved ones. The opportunity to create a visual recording of an older adult’s wit and wisdom is finite. Don’t let the time pass without preserving their valuable stories, expressions, laughter and voices. It is the ultimate gift for future generations.