Scanning & Digitizing

We provide scanning of prints, slides and/or negatives as well as album pages. Scanned images are organized into folders with searchable keywords and file names. Negatives and slides can be organized into archival sleeves/boxes, if desired. Scanning protects your photos via a digital backup. Print photos, slides, negatives, and albums will deteriorate over time even in the best of circumstances, so creating digital copies is a smart way to preserve them. Scanned images can be integrated into your existing digital collection. A scan can migrate into new forms as our technology changes, which allows for sharing and a variety of other creative options. Scanning allows you to restore/enhance the original. Scanned images can be shared with family and friends in a variety of ways — making prints or photo gifts, incorporated with text into a custom photo book, sharing in a slideshow/video, or framed and hung on a family gallery wall — there are so many options!