Photo & Video Services

digital photo org image


We collect images from your various devices and cloud services, and organize them into a core file structure based on chronological order. Depending on which package you choose, services include extracting duplicates, editing your collection down based on your criteria, and adding searchable keywords, if desired. For peace of mind and security, we offer both local and cloud-based customized backup solutions.

print organizing


We sort your print photos, extracting duplicates and blurry/redundant photos, and organize the collection into a cohesive timeline. Your fragile original prints, slides, negatives, and vintage albums can be stored in photo safe, archival acid free boxes, keeping them accessible and well preserved for the future.

scanning digital photos


Print photos, slides, negatives, and albums will deteriorate over time if not properly cared for. Creating digital copies is an excellent way to preserve them. We provide high resolution scans which can then be organized and integrated into your existing digital collection. Your old print photos will be back in your life and easy to share with family and friends.

custom photo books


Photo books are a wonderful, tactile way to commemorate birthdays, travels, weddings, holidays, the early months/years of a child’s life. We design photo books and work with state-of-the-art vendors to assure your memories shine. Photo books allow you to transform  your images into a format everyone can enjoy for generations to come. 

Video Camera


Want to enjoy your old home movies? Converting old media (VHS tapes, super 8 films, etc.) to digital is the answer. The new files can be added to your existing digital video collection. We also offer custom video editing to create highlight reels using your favorite videos. Another option is Keepsake & Legacy Videos, which offer special ways to record your memories with a documentary-style approach.