Past Present Pix turns 5!

Cupcake with 5 candles

Past Present Pix formed five years ago (how time flies!) with the goal of helping busy families manage, organize, and preserve their photo and video collections, so their precious memories are always at their fingertips and safely backed up. 

My career as a photo organizer started after about 20 years in the corporate world, where I licensed photos to book publishers. Images are integral to telling the stories of our culture, events, and shared history. I also realized how important photos were to us as individuals and families, and how they help tell the stories of our lives. When the time came to start a new chapter in my working life, I knew photography would be at the center. 

In 2016, my friend Pam suggested I look into an organization called the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO, now called The Photo Managers). Their website and the idea of becoming a photo organizer captivated me. It was the logical next step for my career. Once I joined, I took advantage of all the extensive training webinars and other resources. 

Once I passed TPM’s rigorous certification process, my business was listed in their directory. I quickly started working with clients all over the country.

A wonderful milestone happened when TPM founder and CEO Cathi Nelson chose a story I shared to be included in her first book, “Photo Organizing Made Easy”. Her book is a must for any family historian, and it was an honor to contribute to it.

A business is nothing without clients. The people I’ve been fortunate to work with have helped me grow in so many ways. It’s been a privilege to work with their family photos and learn about their unique history. And I’m grateful to have helped  preserve family legacies for future generations. I look forward to helping more families in the future!