Food Photos and Best Tips

four photos of homemade baked goods

If there’s one thing I really love (other than family photos!) it’s cooking and taking food photos.

And this weekend, with the double whammy of the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day, I get to indulge. Yes, I know Valentine’s Day isn’t until Monday. But I like to get the party started early, so Saturday was the kick-off 🏈 !

Documenting meals is something we’re all a little too familiar with, thanks to social media. Who hasn’t tired of seeing dozens of food posts enjoyed by others? Forget FOMO. I’ve lost interest in that sort of thing, especially if I don’t know the story around the meal or those enjoying it.

However, taking photos of your own at-home creations can serve an important purpose. For us, it’s a way to document our cooking process and to play with family recipes. Did last week’s sourdough bread rise higher than the previous one? Check out the texture of those English Muffins! How about that freeform crust on the sour cherry galette?

And while AI might find your food photos in a general “food” search in your photo library, I like to add custom keywords to get more specific, allowing me to find a certain photo quickly. I also like to combine the photos with their respective recipes to my Notes app where it’s easy to add any changes to favorite recipes, saving me time when cooking.

Favorite food photos can also become the basis of a family heirloom cookbook. Sharing family stories around favorite foods, as well as other memorabilia, would be the start of a useful and sure-to-be-adored photo book. Whether it’s used as a coffee-table book or in the kitchen is up to you.

What are you cooking up this weekend? If you love the results, why not document, tag and save it for future reference!