Customized Photo Books

Digital Photo books are a great way to preserve your images while transferring them off your devices and into a format everyone can enjoy for generations to come. We will help you craft a custom book from any of your stories. We work with state-of-the-art vendors to assure your memories shine.  

Photo books are a wonderful, tactile way to commemorate birthdays, travels, weddings, holidays, the early months/years of a child’s life. They’re also an ideal way to replicate vintage print photo albums. Multiple copies can be made to share with the family. Metadata (i.e. any information pertaining to the photos) can be included, adding important context to the images and creating a cohesive narrative of your family’s life, adventures, and celebrations. 

This video, for AdoramaPix, shows how we created a perfect photo book gift for my mother-in-law. A dusty old forgotten-about box in a closet became a fun project for us to work on and an event the whole family enjoyed and will treasure for years to come.