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Saving Your Photos; Syncing vs Backups 

Let’s talk about saving your photos; syncing vs backups. When I ask my friends, family, and clients if they sync and/or back up their photos,

Legacy photo albums

Creating Your Legacy Photo Collection

A legacy photo collection is a little different from the photos you have of family vacations, weddings, birthdays, and everyday life. But before getting into

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5 Tips for Organizing Digital Photos

If you are like most people, you have digital photos. A lot of them. And you want them organized. What if you aren’t sold on

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Tidying Up Your Photo Collection

By now you’ve heard about or watched Marie Kondo’s hit Netflix tv series, “Tidying Up.” I am pleased that the issue of physical and virtual

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What to do with Apple Live Photos   

If you use an iPhone, you are familiar with the Apple Live Photos option. It could be you’ve used it and taken Live Photos that

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Getting Organized

2017 was for me an unexpectedly transformational year: one of professional growth, frustration, bewilderment, excitement and above all, constant change, getting organized, and facing fresh