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FAQs: Your Questions, Answered.

FAQs: Your questions, answered. Here are some common questions about photo organizing, the process and the results. For more info, please check out the FAQ

Four pairs of flip flops in a row on beach

6 Tips for Taking Summer Photos

It’s been over a year since many of us could travel and take summer photos (remember vacations?) This season promises to rectify that, so here


Videos: What To Do With Them

Videos rarely come up without our prompting whenever we discuss photo organizing with a client. But videos play an integral role in a family’s visual

Smartphone Photography

Smartphone Photography: 3 Essential Tips

3 Essential Tips for Smartphone Photography: We all rely on smartphone photography to document much of our daily lives. It’s an incredible tool to have

Favorite Photos

What to do with Your Favorite Photos

Are you wondering what to do with your favorite photos? They don’t have to sit on your phone, viewable only on a small screen. I

scanning digital photos

Digital Photos: 6 Organizing Tips

Have you assessed your digital photos lately? Does it need help? My guess is yes! Here are 6 steps you can take to get your

Preserving Your Story in Video

Preserving Your Story in Video

Preserving your story in a video is growing in popularity and personal videos are a unique approach to saving and sharing your memories. The legacy

Pile of Photo Books

7 Tips for Making Photo Books

Making photo books is one of our favorite things to do – for ourselves and our clients. If you like to cook, you understand the

Old photo albums on a table

Print Photo Preservation 

Print photo preservation is often overlooked. Today, we shoot digital photos, thanks to our sophisticated smart phones. But print photos are still a large part