Meet Past Present Pix

Marci Headshot
Marci Brennan | Founder, Photo Organizer

I’ve always wanted to archive and curate photos, so I’m lucky I’ve been doing that for a couple of decades. After years spent at renowned organizations like the Bettmann Archive (acquired by Corbis, the creative photo agency founded by Bill Gates), I had the privilege of working with a collection of 18 million+ images of vast cultural and historical significance. I also got to participate in the rise of photo digitization, making this rich visual legacy available for the world to see, share and enjoy.

But like many, I felt called to strike out on my own. Now I help busy families organize their image libraries. My clients often say they are thrilled to have found someone who actually specializes in photo management. I’ve been called the answer to their prayers and a lifesaver. Not only do I get to help clients restore their cherished memories, I also create cohesive, thoughtfully curated media libraries.

 I’ve been featured in Departures Magazine and in Cathi Nelson’s book Photo Organizing Made Easy. I live in Queens, NY with my husband / business partner Chris. 

When I’m not organizing photos, you can find me working out, catching up on the ever-growing pile of New Yorker magazines on my bed stand and exploring the world of “natty wines” (natural wines). 

Chris Headshot
Chris George | Videographer, Photographer, & Digital Specialist

As a professional videographer and photographer (, as well as in my previous role as the Art Production Director at Vanity Fair, where I was responsible for the workflow of every image that ran in the magazine, I understand the importance of keeping media meticulously organized, archived, and safely backed up.

Utilizing state-of-the-art software, I use best practices for creating easy to identify folder structures, while applying metadata that allows for the quick location of specific files anytime. These same principles carry over into my work with Past Present Pix, where I take great interest in the preservation of personal photo and video collections while insuring they are securely backed up and easily sharable for generations to come.